We couldn't live without our Salon Angels here at Gloss and we definitely don't recommend you do either.

A gals gotta have her time out for some pampering - and let’s face it, those Angels make our hands and feet feel like a million bucks. That’s without even mentioning the joy of walking out with on-point nails in your favourite shade. 

(And hello! They stock yummy tea infusions to sip on!) 

But what to do when your favourite shade of nail colour just isn’t available, or you'd rather use a different brand than what your salon stocks?

We have a brilliantly simple solution for your colour conundrum:

BYONC! Bring Your Own Nail Colour! A homage to Queen B!

Now before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to remember to respect our Salon Angels.

Doing a BYONC definitely doesn’t mean a discount for your nail pampering session! These amazing Salon Angels spend years honing their craft and we'd be lost without them! (And if in any doubt, check with the salon when making your appointment and check that doing a BYONC is OK.)

Taking your own colours definitely has its benefits and here are just a few that we can name: 

  • You can take your own, toxin free, cruelty free polish.  
  • You already know what colour suits your skin tone.
  • Your have a colour that matches your new dress perfectly!
  • Only you have ever used it.
  • You can touch up later on at home if you need to! Yesss! 
  • Perfect solution if you have an allergy or have some super spesh colours that you cant buy anymore.

If you’re a manicure perfectionist or are just currently in love with a certain seasonal shade, pulling a BYONC is the perfect way to have the perfect colour applied in the perfect way!

So before you head out to your next appointment, pop your Gloss & Co in your bag! If its peachy, pinky, raspberry, nudey or metallic looks that you're after, we've been told that we have some of the most unique colours ever! Enjoy!  

Use the Promo Code B Y O N C when you choose three or more colours to add to your collection and receive 25% off at the checkout for the month of November! Go You!! 

Big Love!

Simone xo



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