The Mani-Cure!

Every woman has heard a version of the saying: ‘Happy wife, happy life.’

Without getting totally wiggy about it, there is a grain of truth lurking in there somewhere: if you feel good, then happiness just shines out of your face like sunbeams. (Paraphrasing Roald Dahl.) Happiness is an inside job. The only person that can make you happy is you, of course, but isn’t amazing what a magnificent Mani-Cure can do for a moody day? (See what we did there? So clever.)

Taking time to paint some colour on your nails is a great way to slow down, take a deep breath, centre your soul and make yourself happy. True story. Not only is there another human touching you, (feel good pheromones get released, in a non-sexy way) but they are pampering and taking care of you. Someone (with fabulous nail skills) is taking the time to make your nails look amazing, and my fellow women, am I right in saying good nails make everything just that tiny bit fancier? It’s like those fizzy bubbles that tickle your nose just before you taste champagne!

Women should feel empowered to celebrate glittery femininity, if that’s what floats our boats. Picking a sumptuous nail colour that doesn’t cause nail damage, has no hidden nasties, and stays-put, is the cheapest moody-blues therapy you’ll find. Delicate, iridescent, strong or shiny—like butterflies in a field of flowers—there is no better way to enhance your disposition than with a Mani to die for.

Let’s face it. Secretly, shiny things and glitter causes many women to giddily lose composure. With Gloss & Co stocking nail colours with names like Fizz and Frisky, it’s difficult to stay cranky. Pop some colour on your nails and let the world’s worries melt away.

Go ahead. Grab your fave colour, call your beautician for an appointment, stat, and get girly feminine! Kick that bad mood to the gutter with a soothing mani-cure. (You’re welcome.)

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