Why choose 5-free nail polish?

There is certainly a lot of health talk these days about beauty products and nail polish and choosing products that are best for your body. There are also plenty of terms being bantered around like chemical-free and water-based. The truth is, there are thousands of chemicals that our skin and bodies are perfectly fine with, and in fact, there are many that we actually need to live.

Like our skin, our finger and toenails are surprisingly porous even when they are dry. The cuticle and skin area around the nails is quite sensitive and absorbent, making the nail bed and surrounding areas prone to soaking up some of the things they come in contact with, especially with prolonged use.

There are some toxins that we are probably best to avoid when we can for this very reason. Our five-free nail polish is produced by purposely excluding the 5 serious toxins that traditional nail polishes contain, as well as many other unnecessary toxins and chemicals to produce a much healthier and cleaner polish. Thats why you'll also hear us talking about eight free or 8-free. 

This means that while you are wearing our polish, you are not exposed to the nasties that have been the subject of much research and many scathing reports over recent years, and for good reason.

Finally, a nail polish range that’s:

FORMALDEHYDE-FREE: Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen that is toxic to the organ and immune system.

FORMALDEHYDE RESIN-FREE: Derived from formaldehyde, this chemical may not be as toxic, however it is a known allergen which has been found to cause skin irritations as well as eye and lung irritation when inhaled.

TOLUENE-FREE: Toluene is well reported to be toxic to the nervous system, can cause developmental damage to unborn babies and is linked to malignant lymphoma. It not only impairs breathing, it can cause immediate nausea.

CAMPHOR-FREE: Camphor has been found to have caused liver damage in some rare cases after being applied to skin and has also been linked to seizures after being ingested into the body.  

DIBUTYL PHTHALATE-FREE: DBP can be disruptive to the endocrine system. The endocrine system is responsible for producing essential hormones that regulate the body's metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, sleep and mood. Dibutyl phthalate has been reported to be toxic to the reproductive system and unborn babies as well as having some involvement in promoting obesity.

ETHYL TOSYLAMIDE FREE: This chemical is banned in the UK due to its anitibacterial properties and concerns over antibiotic resistance. 

TRIPHENYL PHOSPHATE (TPHP): TPHP is widely reported as an endocrine dispuptor and causes possible developmental and reproductive problems in animals.

XYLENE-FREE: Xylene is another known allergen and possible carcinogen that we choose to omit from our formula. 

Good for you, good for the planet

For thousands of years, most likely made with just as many different recipes, nail polish has been a staple in most women's beauty collections, however it’s not until recent years that research has shown us that a combination of the above chemicals in nail polish worn for extended periods of time can provide some risks for health.

Todays woman is much more informed and health savvy. She wants to look beautiful and care for herself and the world at the same time.

Our range of toxic-free nail polishes and beauty salon products deliver bold statement colours that have been developed and manufactured right here in Australia. They are never tested on animals, contain no animal by-products, are eco-friendly and absolutely loved by vegans.

We are continually growing our chemical free, eco-friendly colour range to remain at the forefront of fashion trends and to keep you looking beautiful. You can purchase our products online to be delivered to you at home or in select beauty salons and spas, upmarket fashion boutiques and gift and lifestyle stores.

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