The Perfect Mani in Four Easy Steps

Perfect Mani in four easy steps!

The idea of painting your nails at at home can sometimes send the sanest person into a spin, but what about those times when your favourite salon is booked up, you’re trying to save money, or you’ve just bought the coolest of shades and you want to wear it asap?  Knowing how to self-administer some nail love is handy and you may never have to outsource it again!


Like with anything, preparation is key! Make sure you’ve removed previous colour and your hands and nails are clean and gently filed just the way you like them before you begin.


Apply your Base Coat: TWICE. This is absolutely a game changer and designed not only to protect your nails, but to bond with your fave colour to make it super strong and almost bulletproof! Yep.. 2 coats... Trust us!  


Once your double base coat is dry, take your fabulous colour and rest the hand to be painted on a firm surface. Place a medium sized drop of your chosen colour on the centre of your nail near the cuticle leaving a small gap for the polish to self-settle but won’t touch the cuticle. Using your brush, make one, long, stroke toward the tip of your nail. Return to where you started, then cover both left and right side of nail,across the back and then down both sides so the colour is distributed evenly. Let the first coat dry completely before applying the second. If you do happen to have a mishap and touch your skin or cuticles, just use a toothpick to remove the polish and touch up any area you need. Simple! 


Finish off your manicure with a strengthening fast drying Top Coat. This will protect your artwork making it both durable, shiny and hard wearing.

PS. Mastering the art of nail painting can take a few practise shots, so we recommend you start with a soft colour first – easier to clean/hide mishaps!  

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