Celebrity Shortcuts!

Since we at Gloss & Co do not have the credentials to call ourselves celebrities (although we all like to think we are), we have approximated feeling like a celebrity by adopting some shortcuts: props that carry us on our waves of imagination!

What are these magic props?

Glad you asked.

A rocking statement bag, black v-necks in winter, crisp white T’s in summer, well-fitting jeans, bang-on jewellery, a gorgeous watch, the kind of heels you can walk confidently in, and, of course, nail colour!

Usually, the first gesture toward a facet of your personality that you want to showcase, are your nails. How many times have you stood in front of your wardrobe, mulling over what to put on because you’ve NOTHING to wear that suits your mood? Nails are exactly the same. For those days that you want to feel like a celebrity, Gloss & Co have you covered. Literally.

Feeling and looking a million dollars doesn’t have to cost a million dollars. (Celebrities don’t spend millions looking the way they do. They’re given freebies by the truck-load.) Feeling fabulous is all about the attitude, and I’m sure you know how it feels to sashay your fine self down the street, or in the office, knowing you look so goooood the flowers are wilting. Think Carrie Bradshaw, strolling her sassy self down Manhattan streets.

Nails readily reflect exactly the state you’re in. The key to any look are being polished right to your fingertips: glossy or muted, brazen or brassy – it doesn’t matter, as long as the vibes you get from your colour choice makes you want to own the world.

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