Colour Your Mood!

Nails are addictive. (You never know who’s going to spot them!) There are so many elaborate variations—shellac, gel, gel tips, gel tips with art. There are more skilled technicians at work in nail parlours and salons then there are… technicians doing technician things.

A quick look through Instagram can prove our point: nails are a THING of gigantic proportions.


Because it is one of the fastest ways to update your entire wardrobe and mood. It is the short cut from feeling frumpy to feeling mega-watt, to skyrocketing your esteem, so you can gesture at people with shiny and glossy tips: Cerulean blue to a picnic by the beach. Red talons while stalking the office corridors. Grey tips when you wave goodbye to your lover. Shimmering jet to match your cocktail dress.

“Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”Pablo Picasso.

Artists have long understood how dramatically colour can affect mood, feelings, and emotions. It is a powerful communication tool: different colours send different signals to your brain. Sounds a bit hippy, but let’s go with it!

Your quick colour guide:

In a crap mood? Bright colours should pep you up – think orange and neon.
Need peace and tranquillity? Paint on a calming blue.
For low energy, try a minty, fresh green.
Need a punch of optimism? Daffodil yellow should help.
Feeling like storming into a room and having a hissy? Pink should calm you down.
If you’re a nervous nelly, fire engine red should incite your courage.

Go get ‘em Glossies!

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