Nail Colour - Amity
Nail Colour - Angel Wings
Nail Colour - Bamyè
Nail Colour - Base Coat
Nail Colour - Bellissimo
Nail Colour - Big Boom


We couldn't live without our Salon Angels here at Gloss and we definitely don't recommend you do either. A gals gotta have her time out for some pampering - and let’s face it, those Angels make our hands and feet feel like a million bucks. (And hello! They stock yummy tea infusions to sip on!) That’s without even mentioning the joy of walking out with on-point nails in your favourite shade. 

But what to do when your favourite shade of nail colour just isn’t available, or you'd rather use a different brand than what your salon stocks?

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The Perfect Mani in Four Easy Steps

The Perfect Mani in Four Easy Steps

The idea of painting your nails at at home can sometimes send the sanest person into a spin, but what about those times when your favourite salon is booked up, you’re trying to save money, or you’ve just bought the coolest of shades and you want to wear it asap?

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Femme Fatales With Nails You Want!

Femme Fatales With Nails You Want!

Meredith Johnson (Demi Moore) in Disclosure sports impeccable, short nails while taking former lover Tom’s sexual rejection very personally. She fakes a sexual harassment suit (ah, politically incorrect nineties!) while being the poster woman for pristine grooming right down to her square-shaped nails.

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Our Colour Guarantee – Love it or Swap It. Nice.

Glam and Colourful

Our quintessential style colours with a luxurious feel – uptown chic flirting with urban cool. Bright, bold or sassy – choose polishes to suit your mood and personality. Created with our 5-Free ethos and vegan ethics, bringing you glitzy goodness oozing with glamour! Collect all the delicious colours to up the ante and shine a light on your glossy, environmentally friendly talons. Perfect for the bombshell women who like their nails chic, sharp and savvy. Give yourself the gift of pampered nails, and feel like royalty sashaying down the street! Enjoy our high-end products without hidden nasties. Shop our nail polish online.

Just a little bit of luxury every day

As the name suggests, nothing but luxurious opulence for your statement manicure! Call our colours nail-candy, with sumptuous coverage, staying true to our conscientious and vegan style packaging. This collection you’ll want to arrange in your bathroom, to admire in full view. These striking and deluxe colours are the perfect accessory for a nail-diva, the sleek and lustrous finishing touch to your outfit! Choose nail polishes to match a starry night or cocktail hour, wear a bit of luxury to the cabana by the pool. If you appreciate detail and quality, these are the glossy colours for you. Get your fix in our nail polish online store.

For the Gals who love Mono

Alert to all the women on the hunt for something deliberately simple – place your nail polish order online now! If blingy nail-art isn’t your thing, the mono collection is for you. The mono collection provides long lasting nail polish, always original and classic, a streamlined palette of black, white, grey and navy – for any occasion and for the minimalist at heart. Sophisticated, urban and on-point. (And going mono doesn’t need to be limiting – you can add your own, decorative flourishes if you wish! Sprinkle a few diamonds on top!) Buy nail polish online in Australia – made with eco-friendly and vegan methods.


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