Pink Nail Polish

Gloss & Co pink nail polish

Delicious and dessert-like, bright and pale pink nail polish is your go-to colour for the summer season. (Heck, any season!) Paint on your toes and embrace the girlish gloss. Twirl down the street in your cool skirt and embrace the warmer weather.

Keep things light with a cream pink nail polish — suited for all moods and occasions. A soft, pretty-in-pink hue that goes well against the brighter colours of your outfits. It’s a year-round pleasure, like eating ice-cream for dessert.

Light pink nail polish matches most things and is easy to apply in hurry. It draws less attention to your nail bed if you’ve been naughty! You can never get bored with this pink perfection.

Nude pink nail polish is so simple and timeless, yet so effective. Never say no to a basic but uber stylish option! Delicate colours are perfect for those conservative workplaces. (And to be sneaky for a second — no one is stopping you from rocking hot to trot pink inside your shoes!)

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