Care and Repair Pack

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Plant Based, formulated to nourish and regenerate your nails and promote healthy and strong nail and cuticle growth. 

We know that healthy cuticles provide the best gateway for healthy and strong nail growth over time. 

These days, more and more we hear of nails being damaged, sore and flaky as a result of improper drilling under gels and acrylics and overall tough workload on the hands.

Unfortunately new nails can take up to 16 weeks to completely regenerate and fill the nail bed. During this time especially, it's especially important to nourish and nurture the entire area, offering the best possible environment for them to regrow.

Pretty nails are still an option during this regrow stage and totally we're here for it! 

Our Care and Repair Pack includes;

- Water Based Nail Polish Remover - Full size bottle of our much loved, super gentle, water based remover. Perfect to softly and gently remove all traces of our nail products, adding nourishing oils during the process to begin the care right away. Rub over each nail first to begin absorption and then take the next 2-3 minutes to remove your colour in an outward motion. No acetone or harsh paint stripping chemicals...Just like a treatment for your nails! 

- Rescue My Nails - Use after edge filing and soft surface buffing as a subtle nail cover on its own or under colour to protect and nourish the nails until soreness is gone and regrowth begins. (Finish off with Cuticle Oil for nourishment) 

- Ridge Filling Base Coat - Plant Based and Packed with diamond particles to help fill any ridges, dents and scratches and provide the smoothest possible base for your colour whilst adding protection from nail yellowing and additional bumps and scratches.

- 3 x Bottles of your favourite Pretty Colours - choose them then add to cart.. Simple. 

- UV Activated Top Coat - Clear, Tough, Super Glossy and dries in a snap with the help of the Natural UV thats already contained in Natural Light. Everyones favourite Top Coat... we promise.....Its Amazing! 

- Cuticle Remover - Overly active cuticles can sometimes need removing, but clippers and harsh scratching of them is unnecessary and can cause damage or even infection..ouch. Our Cuticle Remover is the perfect product to smooth on, soften and gently lift excess cuticle easily and with the softest fragrance of marshmallows. Delicious and decadent to use.. and offers extra nourishment at the base of the nail where its needed most. 

- Cuticle Oil - 100% Necessary and the final lush touch to every manicure, our almond oil based Cuticle Oil wholly absorbs into any remaining cuticles, the skin surrounding the nails, the eponychium, underside of the nail edge and the lateral folds (sides of the nail), essentially delivering loads of much needed goodness specifically targeted to the entire area responsible for delivering your best nail growth.

- Three way Buffer - To be used on clean fresh nails before the use of any products. 

- Fingernail File - To be used to gently file the free edge of fingernails. 180/240 double sided grit suited to smooth the front edges of softer nails.

- Toenail File - A slightly more aggressive double sided 120/180 grit file, especially for tougher, more robust toenails; curved for comfort and more direct contact.


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