Think copper vs rose gold vs copper vs rose gold. In a shimmery polish. No glitter, just stunning polish. Looks gorgeous on short and chic or longer statement nails.

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This is the sheerest of Honey shades that everybody can wear. Gorgeous for brides and bridesmaids, or even mermaids, it can be sheer and subtle with just one coat, or soft and almost see through with two.

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Celebrity Shortcuts!

Celebrity Shortcuts

Since we at Gloss & Co do not have the credentials to call ourselves celebrities (although we all like to think we are), we have approximated feeling like a celebrity by adopting some shortcuts: props that carry us on our waves of imagination!

What are these magic props?

Glad you asked.

Colour Your Mood!

Colour your mood

Nails are addictive. (You never know who’s going to spot them!) There are so many elaborate variations—shellac, gel, gel tips, gel tips with art. There are more skilled technicians at work in nail parlours and salons then there are… technicians doing technician things.

A quick look through Instagram can prove our point: nails are a THING of gigantic proportions.


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